Mission, vision & quality


Quality: We will meet the high quality requirements of our customers
through manufacturing processes according to the state-of-the-art and
highly qualified staff.

Partnership: We strive to deal with our customers and suppliers in an open and honest way. This partnership brings confidence, binds us together and allows us to fully exploit our common potential.

Flexibility: By being proactive and thinking ahead, we respond quickly and flexibly to the needs of our customers.


As a medium-term goal, abatec GmbH is pursuing
the establishment of the “abatec” brand in Central Europe.

The company is to be perceived in the industry as the first contact for electronics.

Over the medium and long term, we are striving for revenue growth of 10% every year and an overall result (OR) of 10% of the respective annual turnover.

The R&D ratio should also be in the range of 10% of annual turnover.

abatec electronic solutions quality label

With the abatec quality label, a sign of quality for our innovation-driven services has been created. This illustrates the
abatec philosophy of excellence that goes beyond the usual standards. It demonstrates the passionate pursuit of progress in ourown R&D department, which has created numerous new developments. The label is simultaneously a tribute to the inspiring and goal-oriented cooperation with our customers. Many of them have already relied on our innovations for many years. Their satisfaction is reflected in a 100% repurchase and recommendation rate.

abatec quality label