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Country of award

abatec GmbH

Development and production of innovative electronic solutions

Mag. Hannes Haunschmid, Mag. Andreas Krifka, DI Dr. Johann Maier, MBA

ATU 67696059

FN 390305d


4844 Regau

Oberregauer Straße 48 / Austria

T  +43 7672 27720-0
F  +43 7672 27720-401
E  info(at)

limited liability company

Member of the Upper Austrian Economic Chamber

National law Federal legal information:
Bezirkshauptmannschaft Vöcklabruck & Gmunden


Electronics and electrical engineering company in accordance with § 94 Z 25 GewO 1994
Services in automatic data processing systems and information technology in accordance with § 103 Abs. 1 lt. a Ziff. 2 GewO 1973



Second production location

abatec GmbH
Bruckdorf 477
A-5571 Mariapfarr

T  +43 6473 200 06-0
F  +43 6473 200 06-400

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