Circuit board paint and circuit board grouting

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Due to current focused investments into the highly modern machinery, abatec set new standards again and again and is perfectly ready for all tasks about the manufacturing and processing of circuit boards.

Why should you paint circuit boards?

In order to prevent early ageing of circuit boards, lacquering is recommended whereby environmental influences like condensation and oxidation can be successfully counteracted. A high quality and specific protective varnish increases the lifetime significantly and holds the electronic parameters of the relevant components at the highest level for a long time.

Advantages of circuit board grouting

Electronic components have to resist huge pressure as well as temperature fluctuations and humidity. The circuit board grouting serves as a protective measure in such loading situations. Appropriate circuit boards and electronic components get additional protection against humidity and contamination as well as a stronger insulation.

Count on high quality and long-standing experience with circuit board paint and circuit board grouting - abatec is your first contact.