Contract assembly and BGA assembly

Circuit board assembly with abatec

The circuit board assembly knows a range of processes for assembling components. With abatec you will find a competent partner for your customised assembly and production. Through extensive tests during all standardised and certified manufacturing stages as well as a final end-of-line test the required and expected quality can be guaranteed.

Contract assembly / EMS

Due to the increasing internationalisation, the term EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) has established for contract assembly in the last years. Both terms stand for individuality, precision and exact results. abatec guarantees its customers the highest quality and comprehensive support starting from planning to mass production with extensive tests and customized logistics.

Ball Grid Array assembly

Using the BGA (Ball Grid Array) assembly, SMD suitable connections are mounted to the underside of the chip. Ball Grid Array enables a lot of ports in the smallest space, whereby complex integrated circuits can be displayed. Full service offers with individual solutions and high quality productions lines ensure results as requested. We gladly submit an individual offer for the circuit board assembly according to your expectations.