Circuit board assembly

Positioning and soldering with abatec

Circuit board assembly means to mount electronic components on a circuit board. The automated highly modern production lines of abatec with integrated test facility are suitable for orders of every scale. Whether small series or mass production, we support you from the prototype to the finished series product with our circuit board assembly.

What happens at the circuit board assembly

The circuit board assembly can be applied in different ways, which can all be realised on the automated assembly lines of abatec. At first, a template with recesses for the appropriate pads is prepared for the prototype, which is also used for mass production afterwards. Before the actual circuit board assembly starts, a soldering paste is coated on the template by silk screen printing and is therefore applied on the relevant places. Now single electronic parts can be mounted on the circuit board. After soldering, depanelling and application of the protective coating if required, the circuit board assembly is finished by various standardised test procedures.

Competence and certifications

Quality and customer satisfaction go hand in hand at abatec. We therefore put great emphasis on constant innovation by modernising our production, using up-to-date production methods as well as regular further training of our employees. Experience and expertise which turn to account: Contact us and ask for a non-binding offer for your customised circuit board assembly.