SMT assembly and THT assembly

Two techniques for circuit boards

The assembly of smallest components on circuit boards can be carried out with two techniques - the surface mounted technology (SMT) and the trough-hole technology (THT). abatec applies both techniques on its automated production lines with integrated test facilities at two locations with a total manufacturing area of 5,000 m².

THT assembly.

The trough-hole technology is the classic type of circuit board assembly techniques. The drilled and connected drill holes, which are coated with a copper sleeve, serve as the electrical connection between component and circuit board. The component is put through the drill by a pin or a lead and the two parts are finally soldered together.

SMT assembly.

In contrast to the THT technology, the surface mounted technology foregoes drills. Very small components are soldered directly on the circuit board. The SMD components need significantly less space due to the technology without any holes and therefore they can be mounted on the smallest circuit boards. The labelling of the single components on the circuit board is made by a printed code. Let your idea form to a series product and rely on the fully integrated SMT and THT assembly lines of abatec. We support you from the planning to the production of a prototype to mass production. Contact us today for further information., phone: +43 (0) 7672 27720-0